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Devendra Taking Batting Tips

Vidya Paradkar’s Academy began in 1978 at Robert Money High School, Grant Road. It was an unceremonious effort with an object to create a sincere and dependable training facility for genuinely aspiring cricketing talents in and around South Mumbai. Renowned bollywood producer and director, late Shri Manmohan Desai promptly recognized the brilliance of Vidya Paradkar Sir in cricket coaching then. He generously supported the initiative and encouraged Vidya Paradkar Sir to pursue his passion.

Since 2003, the academy conducts coaching sessions in the morning and evening at Cross Maidan and Azad Maidan in South Mumbai. Talented cricketers like Parag Madkaikar, Hiken Shah, Vikrant Yelligeti are working hard to sustain their growth and progress further under the constant guidance imparted by Vidya Paradkar's Academy. Young and eager talents like Shashank Singh, Atul Singh, Akash Malbari and many more are being groomed and getting finely tuned for bigger challenges.

The academy has a systematic training scheduler which is followed meticulously under the direct supervision of Vidya Paradkar Sir. Technology tool such as video recording of players before, during and after improvement of a particular playing technique are judicially implemented by the academy for proper assessment and guidance. This strategy is very useful in identifying the finer shortcomings and to overcome them. DVDs of these sessions are also given to the students for self-assessment.

The everyday training scheduler includes warm ups and exercises for fitness and stamina, drills, running between wickets, net practice to improve different batting strokes and consistency in target bowling and action, are observed by Vidya Paradkar Sir. Finer mistakes are identified and corrected.

The academy is extremely passionate for teaching the finer aspects of the game to those who are really keen and ambitious. Vidya Paradkar Sir says, “We welcome anyone in the academy who has an ambition to play for Mumbai or beyond. He may be practicing at any other academy but if he wishes to improve his skills, he is always welcome”.