Vidya Paradkar Cricket Academy Testimonials


"I have been fortunate to be a student of sir (Paradkar Sir) since I was 9 years old. Like an expert craftsman, he carefully molded me and my game. I am grateful to him for guiding and helping me in my journey towards success."

- Parag Madkaikar (Railway's Ranji Trophy Player)

"I have never come across such a sharp eyed coach who can identify finer errors which used to occur while batting. And that’s not all... He has always corrected them during the rigorous drill sessions. My father often wonders if I would have achieved this feat without the perseverance which Paradkar sir has instilled within me."

- Hiken Shah (Mumbai Ranji Trophy Player)

"I remember the days when I used to assist Paradkar Sir. He always used to say “Enthusiasm, Courage and Discipline are the three essential traits for every cricket aspirant. Playing techniques can always be learnt to precision if one has these traits in him or her". He has been a great mentor in building my coaching career."

- Manik Madkaikar (Cricket Coach)